Free Courses

Free Course
10 week to complete
This course investigates the doctrine of Christology, focusing on the person and work of Jesus Christ, the most important human being that has ever lived. He is God in the flesh, the center of all history, and the only hope…
Free Course
8 week to complete
This course briefly surveys what theologians call theology proper or the doctrine of God. It deals with questions such as: Who is God? What are his attributes? What is his eternal plan? What are his works in history? At the…


Features of THEOn Courses

Learn theology at your comfort

The modular course structure makes it easy for you to pursue online courses without any disruption to your present commitments. You can access the course content at your comfort with internet access.

Learn at your own pace

The choice is yours; you decide the pace in which you would like to learn in. The weekly learning activities and submissions can be self-paced so as to go well with the scarce/extra time you have in a week to pursue the course. Learners who adhere to the recommended timelines are successful in completing the courses.

Do you have a question about THEOn courses?

Who can take THEOn Courses?
THEOn courses can be taken up by anyone who is interested in equipping himself/herself to be a change agent for Jesus.
What will I gain through THEOn courses?
You will gain Bible and theological knowledge to make sense of your Christian faith in the 21st century. You will understand living out your faith meaningfully today based on the Word of God and fulfil your calling effectively.
How will THEOn courses be delivered to me?
THEOn uses the latest and state-of-art e-learning platform to deliver fully online courses to you. All learning activities such as watching video lectures, reading materials, discussion forums and quizzes are done within the e-learning platform.
Do I need to be tech savvy to take up THEOn courses?
No! You don’t have to be tech savvy. However, you need basic internet skills of accessing a website through a browser on a computer or a mobile device. Our e-learning platform is user friendly and highly intuitive which makes everyone feel comfortable in accessing the course content.
What web browser works for THEOn?
Any latest version of a web browser will work for THEOn. However, THEOn e-learning platform works best with current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.
What resources will I need to study THEOn courses?
All resources that are needed for a course are provided within the e-learning platform. In addition, you will find the STEP Bible and other online resources available in our website, more than sufficient. Some courses may require you to buy or borrow books. You will need your Bible, though.
How much time will I need to commit per week?
It varies from course to course. We recommend setting aside a minimum of 5 - 7 hours per week. The course information page will give you more details on time commitment.
What is the difference between Free and Featured Courses?
A free course is a self-paced course which you can complete at your own pace. Instructor support may not be available. Featured courses are time bound which has a start and end date. You will have the opportunity to learn together with other students from different cultures. On completion of course requirements, you will be eligible to obtain a Course Completion Certificate. A small fee is collected for featured courses.