The Genesis of THEOn


“THEOn” [Theology Online] is a project of Marina Initiatives for Transformation, a not for profit religious educational trust, initiated by Dr. Joshua Iyadurai and Mrs. Hema Joshua and established by the collective efforts of a few theological scholars, pastors, and IT professionals.
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Vision of THEOn

Our Vision

THEOn envisions a community of well equipped Christian influencers effectively networked to foster personal and community transformation.
Mission of THEOn

Our Mission

THEOn offers online theological education and organizes offline seminars, workshops, and conferences on issues of life and community from a Christian perspective to equip Christian influencers to be transforming agents.
Core Values of THEOn

Our Values

• Biblically rooted
• Spiritually enriching
• Practically insightful
• Creatively engaging
I welcome you to THEOn family, a community of lifelong learners of God’s Word. God has called each one of us with a unique purpose. We at THEOn are pleased to provide online courses, theology resources, and Bible study tools to equip yourself to fulfill God’s calling effectively and be a change agent for Jesus wherever he has placed you.



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What is THEOn?
THEOn is the short form of Theology Online. THEOn is one stop for online Bible and theology courses, and resources to equip God’s people. It is a project of Marina Initiatives for Transformation, a not for profit religious educational Trust.
Why THEOn?
The current situation against Christianity, globally and locally, requires strategic engagement with friends from different faiths, public, and governments. The founders of THEOn received this vision from God in 2013 to equip God’s people to be influencers for Christ wherever God has placed them.
Which denomination does THEOn belong to?
THEOn is interdenominational. We work with all churches in equipping God’s people to be change agents for Jesus. You can read our Faith Statement here
How is THEOn financially supported?
THEOn is financially supported by friends and ministry partners who share the vision of THEOn.
How can I support THEOn financially?
We greatly value your financial support. You can head over to Give Now to donate online with multiple payment options. For bank transfer, you can find the bank details at the same page.
How can I partner with THEOn?
You can be a:
Prayer Partner
Skilled Partner as a video editor/graphic designer/instructional designer/developer
Course Writer/Course Facilitator
Publicity Partner in social media and among your contacts