We Believe in God

Jul, 2019

COURSE DESCRIPTION (We Believe in God – TH002)
This course briefly surveys what theologians call theology proper or the doctrine of God. It deals with questions such as: Who is God? What are his attributes? What is his eternal plan? What are his works in history? At the most fundamental level, the Scriptures were given to teach us about who God is and what he has done for us. In fact, knowing God is essential for us to understand ourselves and our world. This course is based on the lecture series, We Believe in God, and is a course delivered to you by THEOn, produced by Third Millennium Ministries. It is hosted by Rev. Dr. Thurman Williams with contributions from a variety of professors.
This course enables all those who are interested in understanding the Christian doctrine of God in greater detail and so is a very helpful course for all Christians, and those who are exploring Christianity as well those who are seeking answers to their questions about God.

1. Introduce the primary concerns of systematic theologians in regard to theology proper.
2. Discuss a systematic approach to discerning God’s attributes.
3. Survey God’s plan and works, especially his decrees, creation and providence.

1. Some level of familiarity with Christian terms and concepts and a desire to learn more about God through his revealed Word.
2. Access to a computer/laptop with internet access.
3. Access to a paper-based or electronic Bible.
4. Able to set aside the appropriate amount of time to be able to learn from the course material and to reflect on it and attempt the course evaluations (quizzes, assignments and discussion forums)

Dr Joshua Iyyadurai, PhD
Dr Joshua is a Theological Educator and a Specialist in Religious Conversion and Spiritual/Religious Experience. He is an expert in Research Methodology, especially Qualitative research. He is a sought after Teacher, Writer, Editor and Researcher. He oversees many research projects and guides students with their research proposals. He enjoys expository preaching and can communicate well in both spoken and written forms. He has a Bachelor of Divinity from UBS, Pune and a PhD from University of Madras. He has done his post doctoral work from Global Research Institute, Fuller Theological Seminary, USA. He can be contacted via email on

Mr. Julian Charles
Julian is passionate about training people for effective ministry in their own local contexts. He serves as an online faculty for SAIACS, Bangalore and THEOn and ministers in a local church every weekend. Julian has a Master of Technology (I.T) degree from RMIT University, Melbourne and a Master of Divinity (Missiology) from SAIACS. He can be contacted directly via email


Course Content

Total learning: 21 lessons / 12 quizzes Time: 8 weeks

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