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The Genesis of THEOn

   Monday, 28 September 2015 11:33

I am delighted to be in touch with you through this first blog of My wife and I felt during the past few years that the Lord has been speaking to us to step into unknown territory to venture a strategic mission in the present context; we were hesitant, though. 

We shared the God-given thoughts to some theological scholars, pastors, and Christian professionals; they too felt the need of such a venture. Together, we registered a non-profit Christian educational trust in Tamil Nadu, India with a name Marina Initiatives for Transformation on 24 December 2013 in response to the changing face of India and the world at large. The name Marina was chosen to indicate that this ministry is rooted in a specific context and will impact people from all walks of life as the Marina beach in Chennai attracts everyone. The vision of Marina Initiatives for Transformation is:

Equipping and engaging influencers to make a positive contribution to the transformation of individuals and communities.

Through, we would like to see every disciple of Lord Jesus Christ is equipped theologically to be a missionary in his/her place. Missionaries and pastors have a role in Christian mission, but if we equip every believer to be a missionary in his/her place that would make witnessing effective in the present context. In fulfilling this vision, we will offer online theological education under the brand of THEOn [Theology Online] and offline workshops on various issues of life and community to equip influencers to be transforming agents. We use the term influencers in a broad sense that any believer who is interested in sharing the love of Christ that transforms individual and communities. THEOns calling is to theologically equip every Christian to fulfill his/her calling effectively to make a greater impact for Christ.

We stand on the promise You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it (John 14:14) to realize this vision.

We welcome your active participation through prayer, finance, involvement, spreading a word about THEOn, and any other ways of involvement that are suitable to you in this strategic mission of equipping believers to be transforming leaders for Christ.


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