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Theology 4 Every 1

   Sunday, 23 October 2016 22:53

Theology 4 Every 1

Theology for everyone? You might think that theology is only for priests, pastors, and fulltime workers. Theology is “Faith seeking understanding” said St Anslem. All Christians should be in a position to explain our beliefs and practices in a reasonable manner to anyone who needs a clarification on our faith. You might immediately think of apologetics; yes, that is one aspect of reasoning out our faith. But a mother needs to address the questions of her children regarding faith; sometimes we are taken aback by the questions of our kids. To answer a question of your colleague on your faith, you should be in a position to give reasonable answer. You might be interested in a video (less than minute): God is Dead?

THEOn brings theological education to you that you could access with a touch of a finger on your laptop, pad, smart phone, etc. (Any Device); we understand that you do not have time to attend classes either in a seminary or in a church. You can login anytime of the day from anywhere in the world and listen to the video lectures, take quizzes, participate in the discussion, and do many other things as a learner, all at one place.

THEOn launches online theological education for every Christian to equip himself/herself to make one’s faith relevant in the present context. The only eligibility criteria is that as a Christian, you should be eager to learn God’s Word and equip yourself to be effective in fulfilling God’s purpose in your life. THEOn is your partner in helping you to be what God wanted you to be, wherever HE has placed you.

To start with, we offer one course at a time, and later you will have number of courses to choose. We offer modular courses taught by international scholars to enable every Christian to gain theological knowledge. Each course stands on its own; there is no prior requirement. We offer online theological courses in collaboration with a few international agencies like Third Millennium. Later we will offer courses designed by THEOn.

You will be jaw dropped with our Inaugural Offer! The course fee is highly subsidized. Sign Up to see, it does not cost you anything to create a student account. We collect a token fee for each course to partially meet the cost of server, e-learning platform, etc. Join the community of learners of God’s Word today.

On successful completion of all the requirements of a course within the course period, THEOn will give you a PDF certificate. However, we are discussing with some accrediting bodies to offer Post Graduate Diploma/Degree to those who successfully complete a number of courses. We will update you on this later.

THEOn also offers its platform to mission agencies, seminaries, organizations, churches, and Christian NGOs to train their own people or letting it open to Christians in general. We have built a secured IT infrastructure to assist the churches, seminaries, mission agencies and Christian NGOs. You save a lot by not investing on e-learning technology. You can count on us as your partner in equipping God’s people for God’s mission. We are a non-profit.

Join the family of God’s people who want to make a difference for Jesus. Please spread the word to your Christian friends through social media and other channels about this exciting opportunity. We would like to see every Christian to be theologically informed leaders and influencers to transform individuals and communities for Jesus.

Look forward to receiving you at the virtual class room

God Bless,


For THEOn Team







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