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8 week to complete
The topic of eschatology (the end times) has fascinated people for centuries. What does the Bible say about this? What is the future for God's people? In this course, we examine what the Scriptures teach about the last days, including…
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12 week to complete
The book of Hebrews is one of the most challenging books in the New Testament and The Epistle of James is an intensely practical book for readers in every age. In Hebrews, we recognize that the original audience was facing…
Featured Course
8 week to complete
Paul passionately proclaimed the good news of individual salvation in Jesus Christ, but this wasn't the heart of his gospel. According to Paul, salvation is not primarily about individuals being saved from the wrath of God. Rather, the gospel is…
Featured Course
10 week to complete
As Christians we face many challenges to our faith. False teachings and worldviews assault our loyalty to Christ. Suffering tempts us to think that God is not in control, or that he does not have our best interests at heart.…
Featured Course
9 week to complete
What was Luke's main point as he wrote this book? What is the relevance of the Book of Acts today? This course answers these questions by explaining the background, structure, and content of the book, including a study of the…
Featured Course
10 week to complete
The four gospels are key books of the Bible, since they narrate the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Each gospel has a unique perspective and a unique purpose. This course explains the background, the structure, the main contents,…

Features of THEOn Courses

Collaborative Learning

Learning with peers is a key feature of e-learning. THEOn courses are designed to promote collaborative learning with innovative pedagogy that includes discussion forums and socializing among students.

Practically Relevant

You will find the learning exercises creative and helping you reflect on the content of a lesson from your own cultural, socio-political, and personal contexts to make it practically relevant.

Completion Certificate

You will get a course completion certificate from THEOn on completion of course requirements during the course period; course requirements vary from course to course.

FAQs on Featured Courses

How will the courses be graded?
The gradable components of a course are the online quizzes, participation in the discussion forums and the written assignments. Refer to course description for grading related information.
What if I don’t need a certificate?
You can audit a featured course. You are not required to fulfill the course requirements or adhere to the timeline for auditing; however, you will not be able to access the course after the end date.
How do I pay the course fee?
You can pay the course fee online with through multiple payment options at the shopping cart.
Is my payment information safe?
We use a secure encrypted payment gateway to process all online payments. The security of your payment information is of utmost importance to us and we take all necessary steps to ensure its safety and confidentiality.